Thursday, May 27, 2010

End of the year finale

I have had a full week of finales this week. I am a huge LOST fan and watched the series finale on Sunday night with a group of friends from school. The Office was last week and American Idol was last night. (I know 24 had their finale as well, I just don't watch that one). So here is my finale for this school year. I asked my JK boys some questions about God, heaven, the Bible and more. I did this in imovie and added music from my itunes. We had a great "season" this year in my classes. As always, I grew, was challenged and learned as many lessons as I taught.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tim Tebow chapel

Yesterday, we had a surprise speaker at our school. Heisman trophy winner Tim Tebow was in Memphis for a few days and agreed to come and share some thoughts with the boys of PDS. Keep in mind that we are a boys' school of over 600 boys, and you can imagine the level of excitement when the speaker was introduced! He was very humble, honest and sincere and said so many things that were great for the boys (and for that matter, the adults) to hear. He spoke for around 30 minutes and I tried to take notes, so here are a few things he said:

As he told stories about his early years and growing up, he said he had a quote in his room that motivated him.
"Somewhere there is someone who has the same dream and he is working and I am not. When we meet, he will win."
On achieving your goals and dreams, he said,

1. "Take action! Lots of people are dreamers -be a doer"
2. "Have the courage to stand alone -I would just be average if I did what everyone else did"
3. "Finish strong and don't quit." "My ultimate goal is to finish life strong"

He said that when Florida won the national championship, Coach Urban Meyer hugged him and said, "I am so proud of how you finished strong." "That was the greatest feeling of my life! But that is just football-a game."

"At the end of my life, I want God to say, You finished strong."

"You must keep Priorities in order." He listed his priorities as follows:

1. Faith must be first. He became a Christian at age 6.
2. Family- Parents, siblings, grandparents
3. Academics
4. Football

"If Jesus is first, the rest fall in line."

He challenged all of us with the following question, "How are you affecting things that last forever?"

"Trophies will rust and people will forget my name, it is the relationships you develop that last. Invest in the lives of others. What means the most is what you do for others."

He answered questions from the boys and one asked what he did when he wasn't playing football. He talked a little about the foundation he has established. You can read more about it here