Thursday, February 10, 2011

I got this poem in an email this morning and I wanted to share it here. I am reminded that the best thing we can give to our kids is our time. I have never regretted a day/weekend/trip with one of my children. Our window of opportunity as parents to influence, teach and mentor is small and goes too quickly. If you don't have children, there are many, many children who have no significant relationships with caring adults. What would happen if we took a day off of work, put down cell phones, got off of the computer and spent a whole day with a child, either our own or one who needs an adult in their life? My challenge for myself (and you) for the next month is to find a child and spend a day with them.

What shall you give to one small boy?

A glamorous game, a tinseled toy,

A fancy knife, a puzzle pack,

A train that runs on a curving track,

A picture book, a real live pet?

No! There’s plenty of time for such things yet.

Give him a day for his very own.

Just one small boy and his dad alone.

A walk in the woods, a romp in the park,

A fishing trip from dawn to dark.

Give him the finest gift you can-

The companionship of a grownup man.

Games are outgrown, and toys decay,

But he’ll never forget the gift of a day!