Friday, February 26, 2010

Planting seeds

Here I am...standing on the edge of the blogosphere...ready to jump!
I have decided to start a blog.
Not because I have any vast wisdom or knowledge, but rather to be a place to share with others the things I am learning along my journey- seeds, if you will. I also hope that others will share seeds that they have acquired. I will share things my classes are doing and learning because, invariably, I learn something new with each lesson taught. I will share resources and links that I have found to be helpful, exciting, fun or just cool! Jesus taught through stories, and I believe stories have the power to teach, transform, challenge and change us, so I will share stories that I find to be particularly good.
Spring reminds me that every seed has potential and possibility- potential to grow into something much greater than we can imagine. As a teacher, sometimes I plant the seeds, sometimes I water them, but God alone knows the potential and makes it grow.