Friday, June 3, 2011

JK boys talk about God

Another school year has come to a close. As I reflect on the year, I am reminded that I am extraordinarily blessed to work in a place like PDS. Although no school is perfect, it is pretty close. I am amazed, challenged and encouraged daily by everyone. I truly believe there is no more talented, loving, smart, creative, supportive group of people anywhere. And the boys.... They are the reason I love to go to work each day. I could (and should) write a book about the cute, funny, insightful things they say every day. One of my favorite end of the year projects is the movie here. I give them a choice of about five different questions. They draw a picture while they think of ways to answer the question. I film each one with a flip camera, drop it into imovie to edit, add some music from itunes and upload it to vimeo for parents and friends.
Happy summer everyone!

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